Adult Bible Fellowship

Adult Bible Fellowship meets each Sunday from 9:30 am to 10:30 am.

Adult – this word identifies the participants. The classes are for Adults — from college-age to Senior citizens.

Bible – this word identifies the subject matter. It’s about the Bible. Adults are studying what the Bible has to say about life and relationships.

Fellowship – this word identifies the atmosphere of the class. It’s inviting. It’s sharing. It’s community.

Topics of Study in Winter 2018: 

  • ekkelsia – Doctrine of Sin and Salvation taught by John Paternoster
  • Berean – The book of Acts taught by Ken Babbitt
  • Koinonia – “Why Suffering?” taught by Pastor Tom Townsend and Aaron Hisel
  • Lydia Ladies – The life of David taught by Sandy Bolden
  • Life Matters – finishing “Forgotten God: Reversing Our Tragic Neglect of the Holy Spirit” by Francis Chan video series led by Peter Pollet
  • The Art of Marriage Elective – led by Dennis and Tina Bourdo, the Art of Marriage elective lasts seven weeks. The class will be from January 7, 2018 through February 18, 2018. Registration for this elective is required because class size is limited

The Lydia Ladies Class meets in the southwest wing of the church’s lower level. This class, taught by Sandy Bolden, continues their study on the life of David.

Life Matters meets in the Upper Room (above the lobby). This class, led by Peter Pollet, is finishing “Forgotten God: Reversing Our Tragic Neglect of the Holy Spirit” by Francis Chan. Class members are generally college-age and young adults.

ekklesia class members are from a wide range of ages and backgrounds which is appropriate because “ekklesia” is the Greek work for “church.” In Fall 2017, this class is studying the book of Acts, taught by Ken Babbitt. The class meets in the center classroom of the Fellowship Hall, directly across from the double doors of the Worship Center.

The Berean Class is exploring the topic of “Why Suffering?” This study is taught by Pastor Tom Townsend and Aaron Hisel. The class meets in the South end of the Fellowship Hall (by the Church Office area). Class members are generally in their mid-40’s to late-60’s.

The Koinonia Class is studying the Doctrine of Sin and Salvation in the Fall 2017, taught by John Paternoster. The class meets in the Worship Center. Class members, consisting of our Senior Saints, are generally in their late-60’s and up. Hearing assistance is available in the Worship Center.