It’s All About Perspective

Pastor Tom Townsend’s Shares….

We just finished spending a week with our eight-years-old (almost nine) grandson, Jonas. We have promised our grand boys – and will promise our grand girl – that when they turn nine, they get to take a trip of their choosing with G-Daddy and Mimi.

We had a great time visiting the Ark Experience in Williamstown, Kentucky, the Air Force Museum in Dayton, Ohio, going to Moo-Ville, golfing, and other great activities – each activity chosen by Jonas.

As I think back over the week, I have some observations:

  1. 8-years olds have a different energy level than 60-years olds.
  2. 8-years olds have different skill sets than 60-years olds.
  3. 8-years olds have different interests than 60-years olds.
  4. 8-years olds do not always see the “big picture” like 60-years olds.

It’s all about Perspective.

In thinking about these differences, I began to think how many times my perspective is different from God’s. The truth is that “our ways are not God’s ways, neither are our thoughts God’s thoughts.” God has a different perspective than we do. We just need to trust His Omniscience – He is an All-Knowing God – understanding that He is too wise to make a mistake and too loving to be unkind.

The next time you struggle with some event or aspect of your life, try looking at it from a different perspective. Read Romans 8:26-39 and realize that no matter what, “all things will work together for good,” and nothing “will be able to separate us from the Love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord.”

Pressing On,

Pastor Tom – Phil 3:14