Mike and Heather Goy

Goy 2016Read the December 2017 Newsletter from the Goys.

Family: The Goys have two children: Addison, age 15, and Jared, age 12.

Mission Agency: Mike and Heather are serving at Camp Barakel, located in Fairview, Michigan. According to their website, “Camp Barakel exists to proclaim truth about the living God. We want people to feel the weight of God’s glory, know the depth of Biblical truth and see the beauty of the Redeemer, Jesus Christ.”

Calvary Baptist Church is privileged to be the sending church for the Goys.

Mission Field: The Goys are Resident staff at the Camp and serving primarily as Kitchen managers on the Camp’s East Side and as Counselors to the Summer youth staff.

More Information: Visit Mike and Heather’s website to keep up-to-date with their ministry at Camp Barakel.

Contact Information: Contact the Goys by email (goybarakel@gmail.com) or by phone (269-924-7004).