Out of Hot Water

Pastor Tom Townsend Shares

“Honey, We’re Out of Hot Water!!!” Those were the words that my wife “yelled” from the bathroom as she completed her shower … and, she may, or may not, have used the word “Honey.”

This was not the first time this has happened in the past few months. We have had our Hot Water Tank worked on at least three times. I had pushed the replacement to the back “burner,” hoping to prolong its life, and to delay the cost. But, now, it was time to pay up!

What’s the significance about my story, you may wonder. When there is a problem, the time will come when you have to “pay up.”

Spiritually speaking, when we know that there is something wrong, many times we put it off. We do everything we can to put a “Band-Aid” on the problem – even though we know we may to have to face something drastic down the road.

So, what have you been putting off in your Spiritual Life? What kind of Spiritual “Band-Aids” have you been using – just trying to get along? Let me assure you, that eventually you will find yourself in a “cold shower” wishing you had done something a long time ago.

Hearing my wife cry out in a cold shower made me wish that I had done something much earlier. It got my attention.

Having had God get my attention on a number of occasions made me wish I had done something much earlier.

Don’t wait until God has to really get your attention. Listen to that “still small voice” and respond before it takes a drastic measure.

Pressing Toward the Mark,

Pastor Tom – Phil 3:14