Sermons from 2013

It’s a Wonderful Life” Series:
12-29-13 Tom Townsend               God Who Wants to Complete His Work in You
12-22-13 Tom Townsend               We Have Been Given a Wonderful Gift
12-15-13 Tom Townsend               God Gives Success in Stress
12-08-13 Tom Townsend               God Can Even Use Our Family
12-01-13 Tom Townsend               God Meets Our Needs


11-24-13 Tom Townsend                Understanding the Will of the Lord – Part II

11-17-13 Tom Townsend                Understanding the Will of the Lord – Part I

11-10-13 Tom Townsend                Walk Carefully – Wise

11-03-13 Tom Townsend                Walk in Submission

10-27-13 Tom Townsend                Be on Guard – Walk as Children of Light

10-20-13 John Lippard                    Two Ordinances: Baptism

10-13-13 John Lippard                    Two Ordinances: The Lord’s Supper

10-06-13 Tom Townsend                Praying for You

09-29-13 Tom Townsend                Walk in Light-Communcation

09-22-13 Tom Townsend                Walk in Love

09-15-13 Tom Townsend                Six Reasons the Church is a “Big Deal”

09-08-13 Tom Townsend                What’s the “Big Deal” about the Church?

09-01-13 John Lippard                    The Jealousy of God

08-25-13 Dan Cook                         Successful Kingdom Living

08-18-13 Tom Townsend                Created unto Good Works

08-11-13 Tom Townsend                Baseball and the Bible

08-04-13 Tom Townsend                Are You Hitting the Mark?

07-28-13 Tom Townsend                How Can I Live as a Slave to Righteousness?

07-21-13 Tom Townsend                Saints – Slaves or Free Men?

07-14-13 Jeff Minniear                    Nobody Falls Through the Cracks

07-07-13 Tom Townsend                Declare Your Independence – Freedom in Christ

06-30-13 Roger Russ                      Work

06-23-13 Tom Townsend                Linked to an Extraordinary God By Truth

06-16-13 Tom Townsend                Father’s Day – Get Real

06-09-13 Chris Hindal                     Great Commission

06-02-13 Tom Townsend                Homesick for Heaven

05-26-13 Tom Townsend                Freedom is NOT Free

05-19-13 Tom Townsend                Noah – Moved with Fear

05-12-13 Tom Townsend                What About Those Kids?

05-05-13 Tom Townsend                4 Ships of Worship

04-28-13 Brian Spencer                  The Church as the Body of Christ

04-28-13 Jay DeBoer                      Do You Love, Know, & Enjoy God?

04-21-13 Tom Townsend                Foundations of Faith (Part II)

04-14-13 Tom Townsend                Foundations of Faith (Part I)

04-07-13 Tom Townsend                By Faith Noah…Righteousness comes by Faith

03-31-13 Tom Townsend
Resurrection Service                       Resurrection Realities
Sonrise Service                               Three Witnesses

03-24-13 Tom Townsend                From the Crowds to a Cross

03-17-13 Tom Townsend                By Faith Enoch … Acceptable Walk

03-10-13 Bryan MacPhail-Fausey  Go … Hurry … Preach

02-24-13 Tom Townsend                By Faith Enoch … Acceptable Walk

02-17-13 Tom Townsend                By Faith Abel … Acceptable Worship

02-10-13 Tom Townsend                Now Faith Is …

02-03-13 Tom Townsend                We Proclaim … Till He Comes

01-27-13 Tom Townsend                Good News – Bad News – Good News

01-20-13 Tom Townsend                The Sanctity of Life

01-13-13 Tom Townsend                How Shall We Then Live?

01-06-13 Tom Townsend                Ordinary People Serving an Extraordinary God