Sermons from 2017

12-31-17 Tom Townsend                  What God Has Done, Is Doing, Will Do

12-24-17 Tom Townsend                  Return to Bethlehem

12-17-17 Tom Townsend                  The Greatest Christmas Gift

12-10-17 Tom Townsend                  The Light Changes Everything

12-03-17 Tom Townsend                  Lasting Lessons

11-26-17 Tom Townsend                  Satan is Alive and Well

11-19-17 Tom Townsend                  How Does God “Spell” Success?

11-12-17 Tom Townsend                  I Exhort the Elders Among You …

11-05-17 Tom Townsend                  How to Bring Glory to God

10-29-17 Tom Townsend                  The Reformation – The Emergence of Truth

10-22-17 Tom Townsend                  Finish Strong

10-15-17 Tom Townsend                  Travel Guide for Elect Exiles

10-08-17 John Lippard                     Facing Your Grizzly Bear Moment

10-01-17 Ken Floyd                          Jesus Knocked Down Barriers

09-24-17 Tom Townsend                  Focus/Fix Our Eyes on Jesus

09-17-17 Tom Townsend                  Elect Exiles = Suffering Sojourners

09-10-17 Tom Townsend                  Just Grow Up (Part III)

09-03-17 Tom Townsend                  Just Grow Up (Part II)

08-27-17 Tom Townsend                  Just Grow Up (Part I)

08-20-17 Tom Townsend                  All In The Family

08-13-17 Tom Townsend                  What To Do When Life is NOT Fair

08-07-17 John Lippard                     Diffusing Landmines in the Church

07-30-17 Tom Townsend                  How Can I Discover God’s Will for My Life?

07-23-17 Tom Townsend                  For This is the Will of God

07-16-17 Jeff Minniear                     3 Ways to Love God by Loving our Neighbors

07-09-17 Tom Townsend                  Nobodies to Somebodies

07-02-17 Tom Townsend                  Four Truths About Living Stones

06-25-17 Tom Townsend                  To Be Like Jesus

06-18-17 Tom Townsend                  A Look in the Mirror

06-11-17 Dave Santos                      Can YOU Trust God?

06-04-07  Tom Townsend                 The Grass Withers … But the Word of Our God …

05-28-17 Tom Townsend                  Holiness and Other Impossible Dreams (Part III)

05-21-17 John Lippard.                    Observe the Chickens

05-14-17 Tom Townsend                  Lessons Mom Taught Me

05-07-17 Tom Townsend                  Holiness and Other Impossible Dreams (Part II)

04-30-17 Tom Townsend                  Holiness and Other Impossible Dreams (Part I)

04-23-17 Tom Townsend                  God is Holy

04-16-17 Tom Townsend                  The Greatest Love Story Ever Told

04-16-17 Tom Townsend                  View from the Empty Tomb (Sonrise Service)

04-14-17 Various Pastors                 Community Good Friday Service

04-09-17 Tom Townsend                 The King Becomes a Lamb

03-26-17 Tom Townsend                 Mind Your Minds

03-19-17 Tom Townsend                 Grace – The Prophets Foretold

03-12-17 Tom Graef                        Let God’s Power Work Through You

03-05-17 Tom Townsend                 Love and Joy Lived Out Through Faith

02-26-17 Tom Townsend                 Though You Have Not Seen Him, You Love Him

02-19-17 Tom Townsend                 Pain with a Purpose

02-12-17 Tom Townsend                 What Good is Suffering – Peter Principles

02-05-17 Tom Townsend                 Genuine Faith

01-29-17 Tom Townsend                 Thrive … Not Just Survive (Part II)

01-22-17 Tom Townsend                 Thrive … Not Just Survive (Part I)

01-15-17 Tom Townsend                 Elect – The Assurance of our Salvation

01-08-17 Tom Townsend                 Life Lessons from an “Old Man”

01-01-17 Tom Townsend                 Living Stones