Stephen Ministry is for Those Who Are Grieving

Do You Know Someone Who Is Grieving?

Share Calvary’s Stephen Ministry’s Journeying through Grief – a set of four short books to share with grieving people throughout the first year after their loss.

Book 1: A Time to Grieve – sent 3 weeks after the loss

Book 2: Experiencing Grief – sent 3 months after the loss

Book 3: Finding Hope and Healing – sent 6 months after the loss

Book 4: Rebuilding and Remembering – sent 11 months after the loss

The four books are each 44 pages long with short, easy-to-read chapters, written in a caring, friendly, personal style. The books blend solid information about the grief process, Biblical truths, and stories, and the pages are interspersed with Bible passages, poems, and quotes about grief. Click here to read samples from each book.

Each book helps the reader better understand what he or she is experiencing and provides hope and encouragement for the journey. He or she will feel cared for and remembered by you throughout that difficult first year after the loss.

The Journeying through Grief books are written by Kenneth C. Haugk, Founder and Executive Director of Stephen Ministries. Each set of Journeying through Grief books also includes four mailing envelopes and a Tracking Card that makes it easy to remember just when to send each book.