Pastor Tom Townsend Shares

It was gloomy outside when I arrived at church this morning and settled in my office, but it was not raining. And then, somewhat unexpectedly to me, I realized that it was storming outside. Sitting in my windowless office, I could hear it rain – really rain. And, I am sure it was a nasty, cold, uncomfortable rain.

Life is sometimes like that. As we travel down life’s road, sometimes it is gloomy, but there’s no rain, so everything is okay. And then, all of a sudden, we get caught in a storm – a storm that we do not like and makes us very uncomfortable.

What do you do when storms hit your life? How do you handle them? Here are some things to consider:

S – See Storms for What They are. Storms are ordinary and temporary. We all have them. And, they can be opportunities to learn and grow.

T – Trust God in the Storm. Remember that God is the God of the Storm. Remind yourself of the Disciples in the boat who were caught in a storm while Jesus was asleep (Mark 4). They were fearful, yet He was faithful.

O – Open Your Spiritual Ears. Listen to that “still, small voice” and understand that God has something for you to learn.

R – Remember that God is Always with You. Nothing – not even a storm – can separate us from Him and His love.

M – Make Prayer Your Response. The Disciples in Mark 4 cried out, and Jesus met their need.

S – Safe and Secure in the Storm. I love Hebrews 13:6: “So we confidently say, ‘The Lord is my helper, I will not fear…’”

Storms come and go and can be frightening. But, let me encourage you that no matter the storm, you have a Savior who is above, below, and in the storm, and He is always ready to meet your need.

Pressing On,

Pastor Tom – Philippians 3:14