Wayumi Retreat

Visit the “Jungles” of Pennsylvania on Friday, October 20, through Sunday, October 22, 2017, during the Wayumi Retreat at ethnos 360’s facility in Jersey Shore, Pennsylvania.

All ages can participate. According to the website, during a Wayumi retreat, you will learn the following:

  • What God is doing today in reaching out to unreached people groups through His Church.
  • What missionaries experience as they teach unreached people groups.
  • The major challenges of cross-cultural ministry — culture and language.
  • All of the ministries involved in taking the Gospel to isolated people groups.

Because spaces are limited, a $20 deposit is required to reserve your spot. Cost per person, which includes meals and housing while at Wayumi (Friday supper through Sunday lunch), is as follows:

Adults and Students (13 years old and up) – $69
Children (5 years through 12 years old) – $35
Young Children (birth through 4 years) – Free

(Please note: there is no child care provided at Wayumi.)

Sign up online using this link or at the Media Table (near the Blessings Table). Contact Pastor John Lippard (269-986-4646 or pjlippard@gmail.com) or Nellie Briggs (269-964-0458 or nellbri@aol.com) for more details.