Will It Grow?

Pastor Tom Townsend Shares

Last year I discovered a tree growing under my deck – well, maybe calling it a “tree” is a bit of a stretch.

A seed had sprouted, and there was a 12” sapling. It had leaves and everything. I thought, “This thing has potential!” I decided to transplant the “tree” to my front yard and let it really mature and grow.

I am sure that if I had asked the “tree” for its permission, it would NOT have been thrilled at the idea of being moved. It was very comfortable under my deck.

I dug up the “tree,” replanted it, and watered it. And guess what! It lost all its leaves and became a stick. My wife asked me if we could now mow over it. I replied, “Be patient. It is just going through some trauma from being transplanted. It is going to be okay. Just wait a bit.”

Do you know what has happened? The “tree” now has leaves this spring. It seems to have taken “root,” and I really think it is going to make it. I believe its potential will be realized. It is going to become a real tree!

That’s the way it is in our lives. We somehow begin to sprout. Things seem to be going well, and we are becoming comfortable in our little, “shaded” area. We just want to be left alone. And then, it happens — someone or something comes along and forces us to move. We are uprooted and forced out of our comfort level.

We try and try to get established, but we drop all our “leaves” and do not appreciate our new “digs” (pun intended). The truth is that God wants us to move from our comfort zones so we can have a higher calling – a greater purpose. If we are going to develop our full potential in Spiritual Growth, we must leave the shade, be transplanted, and begin growing again.

What is God doing in your life? How is He preparing you to be more effective? Be willing to be “transplanted.” Look for ways that you can grow and be more effective for God.

Pressing Toward the Mark,

Pastor Tom – Phil 3:14